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This area allows you to do specific tasks related to your phone numbers. In this area you are able to manage your port requests, manage E911 address location information, create and manage your caller ID names, enable messaging and more!


This section shows all of your phone numbers that you have with Intulse and displays the following information for each number:

  • Number
  • Type
  • Status
  • Route/ Failover Route
  • Messaging
  • CNAM lookups
  • CNAM Storage
  • E911

Clicking on each number will allow you to change/update specific features for each number.


These are all of the numbers that you currently have with Intulse.


Shows the specific purpose of the number. This will either show Voice or Fax.


Your numbers can have various status types. Normally, this will show your number as Intulse Managed. During the porting process, the status can also be Porting submitted or another status.


This is the primary route for all calls to this number. This is managed by Intulse and cannot be changed.


Each of your voice numbers have the ability to have a failover route on record with Intulse. In the rare case of specific outages with Intulse, your voice numbers can automatically be "failed over" to another destination. Typically this would be another phone number such as a cell phone, etc. We recommend associating your phone numbers with a failover route for service reliability.


Messaging refers to SMS/texting for your number. The green check mark or red x indicates if the SMS/texting feature is enabled for your number. To enable messaging (SMS/Text) for a number, click the Enable button in the messaging section. In most cases, messaging will be enabled after a minute or so and will be reflected on this screen by refreshing the page. In some cases, the status will be in pending, or failed. When this occurs, a notification is sent to the provisioning team and a process is started to resolve this. Please check back every so often to see if the status is updated. If the status does not say Enabled after a few days, please open a ticket with Intulse Support.


CNAM lookups refer to caller ID lookups. In most cases, you will want to have this enabled. With this feature enabled, Intulse will perform a CNAM lookup for each call coming into your phone system and will attempt to display the caller ID name for each call. Without this feature enabled, you will simply see a phone number as a caller ID name for inbound calls. To enable or disable this feature, click the Enable or Disable button.


CNAM storage refers to the name that displays on all outbound calls from your phone system. CNAM / CallerID names are limited by the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and can be a maximum of 15 characters.


In the event of a 911 call being placed from your phone system, a physical address must be assigned to at least one phone number on your account. If you currently have an e911 address assigned to your number, it will be displayed in this section and there will be a green checkmark. To enable e911 on your number, you have to first setup an e911 address in the e911 screen. (See below) When this is setup you are then able to click the Enable button and select the address from the drop down.