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Administrators on your account have full access to all of your Intulse phone numbers. You have the option of purchasing new phone numbers through Intulse or porting your existing numbers from your previous provider to your Intulse account.

In addition to managing your phone numbers and port orders, this portion of the Account Center also allows you to enable messaging, set up and update your E911 address and caller ID names, and manage your failover route information.

To manage your phone numbers, log into the Account Center and select Phone Numbers in the Phone System menu. You will see several different subheadings related to the phone numbers for your account. Select Manage from that list.


The Manage Phone Numbers section shows all phone numbers on your Intulse account.

On this screen you can see the following details:

  • Each phone Number on your account
  • What Type of number it is, such as voice or fax
  • The Status of each number usually displays Intulse Managed. During the porting process, this status will display Porting Submitted or another similar status.
  • The primary Route for all calls to this number is managed by Intulse and cannot be changed.
  • The Failover Route is used in the rare case of Intulse related outages. Each of your voice numbers has the ability to forward to a "failover" destination, typically another phone number such as a cell phone.
  • Messaging refers to whether the number is enabled for SMS/MMS text messages. A green checkmark indicates that it is enabled, a red x indicates that it is not.
    • In some cases, a status message will appear alongside the badge. For example, you may see the word Submitted, indicating that the number has been submitted and is awaiting approval. If you see this type of message on your account, hover over it for a brief explanation.
  • CNAM Lookups shows you whether each number is Caller ID enabled. With this feature enabled, Intulse will perform a CNAM lookup for each call coming into your phone system and will attempt to display the caller ID name for the call. Without this feature enabled, you will simply see a phone number as a caller ID name for inbound calls.
  • CNAM Storage shows you whether each number has CNAM enabled for your number on outbound calls. With this feature enabled, a phone receiving a call from your number will show your registered CNAM. Without this feature enabled, a phone receiving your call will simply display your phone number.
  • E911 tells you whether or not a physical address is assigned to each number. If a green checkmark is displayed, that number has an address assigned to it. If a red x is displayed, there is not a physical address assigned to the number.


Text messaging can now be enabled or disabled for multiple phone numbers at one time. Select the checkbox beside the numbers to be edited and then select the appropriate option under "Mass Edit". The action notification will inform you of the status of each number.

Once messaging is enabled, you will need to go to the Intulse App Visibility page in the Account Center to make them visible for texting. More information on how to do that can be found here.


Select a phone number to update the settings for that number.


When messaging has been ENABLED for a number, that number will be able to send and receive SMS/MMS messages.

  • Click the "ENABLE" button for the selected number. Complete the form, entering all required information. If you have entered your service address on any previous screens, you can use the drop-down to select an existing address. Make sure all information is correct and select the "CONTINUE" button.
  • Carefully read the Letter of Authorization, type your name and title in the signature fields at the bottom of the screen, and click the button to "SUBMIT" the form. Approval times vary depending upon your current carrier; some carriers approve within minutes, while others take a few days.
  • Messaging can be turned off by selecting the "DISABLE" button.

Once your numbers have been approved, your texting services will be transferred to your Intulse numbers and you will be able to text via the Intulse App.

Automated Text Message Replies
In a continued effort to minimize SMS SPAM, Intulse now uses industry standardized techniques to allow SMS recipients to OPT-IN or OPT-OUT of receiving messages. There are 4 basic messages that will automatically be triggered in an SMS text conversation: START, STOP, HELP, and FIRST MESSAGE.

Click the CONFIGURE button to set up or customize the automated replies for each text enabled phone number in your system. For each message, you can choose whether to populate the default text or draft your own message.

There is an optional field allowing you to draft a message that will be sent any time your number receives a text message. You also have the ability to specify a start and end date for that message to be sent.

Any customized replies must comply with the FCC rules about A2P text messages so be sure to follow the on-screen prompts when drafting your messages.


When E911 has been ENABLED for a number, an address will be assigned as the location where emergency services will respond should you ever need to dial 911 from your phone line.

Before you can enable this feature, you will need to create your E911 address under the E911 tab. More detailed instructions can be found here.

  • The address can be disassociated from this phone number by selecting the "DISABLE" button.


Each voice number can be assigned a failover route, which will be used to route calls in the rare case of specific outages with Intulse. When this feature is "ENABLED", your voice numbers can automatically be "failed over" to another destination, such as a cell phone. We recommend associating your phone numbers with a failover route for service reliability.

  • Select the "UPDATE" button to see any existing failover routes.
  • To create a new route, enter a label that will allow you to easily identify it and enter the phone number. Click the "CREATE" button to add it to the list of existing routes.
  • Select a route to "USE" from the list of existing routes. This failover route will now be assigned to this phone number.
  • To disable this failover route, select the "UPDATE" button and either select a different failover route or select the button to "DISABLE FAILOVER ROUTING" for this number.


CNAM, more commonly referred to as Caller ID, can be enabled and disabled in this portion of the account center.

  • CNAM Lookups displays caller ID information for calls coming into your phone system. When this is not enabled, incoming calls will display the incoming phone number. Click the button to "ENABLE" this service for this phone number.
  • CNAM Storage allows you to assign a Caller ID Name to this phone number. This is the name that will appear on devices receiving a phone call from your number. (Not all phones or providers support caller ID.) To enable this service, select the "UPDATE" button and enter the name to display as your Caller ID. When you click the "CREATE" button, your Caller ID Name will be submitted for approval.
    • There are several guidelines for creating your Caller ID Name. They are listed on the CNAM Storage screen so be sure to read them carefully before entering your name. Your CNAM cannot be longer than 15 characters and must be a realistic, meaningful name.

This article provides some helpful tips and information to help you successfully set up your CNAM.

New CNAM requests are manually reviewed on a daily basis by a support team. Please check back later to see if your request was approved. Once approved, the CNAM entry can be assigned to your phone number after it has completed porting. After being assigned, it can take up to a week for your name to show up as the Caller ID.


The Status History for this phone number can also be seen on this page. This may include the dates the number was purchased and transferred to Intulse.