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Using the Create Extensions page allows you to create new extensions for your organization.
You can either create 1 extension at a time, or multiple extensions simultaneously. You will need just a few key pieces of information to create extensions and can set various options during creation.

  • Id/Number: (extension number you wish to assign)
  • Name: (name of the extension)
  • Enable Voicemail: (This is usually enabled for most extensions, but you have the option to not enable this for extensions not needing this such as conference room phones, etc)
  • Voicemail Email: The email address that voicemails can be sent to.
  • Outbound Caller ID: By default, all extensions that call out from your phone system will display the caller ID number of your organization. In most cases, this is the organization's main phone number. There are scenarios in which a specific extension/person has the need to display a different number when making outbound calls.
  • Emergency Caller ID



To create one extension at a time, make sure you select the Create One button at the top of the page. Then just fill in the fields and click the Create button. Your new extension should now be created.



You also have the ability to create multiple extensions at once. Simply fill in the extension information as requested.

Each line must be comma separated values for Id, Name, Enable Voicemail, Voicemail Email.

For example: 101,John Doe,true, (Type "true" if you want voicemail enabled, and "false" if you do not want voicemail to be enabled.)


Some changes related to your phone system's behavior, such as adding or editing extensions, are not live immediately. Rather, the changes are "queued" and waiting to be applied. When you've finished all the changes you want to make and are ready for the changes to be live, press the Apply Changes link on the left-hand menu. A confirmation popup will open asking if you're certain you wish to apply your changes.