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The Manage page allows you to fully manage your devices with Intulse! We currently support specific models of both Yealink and Grandstream phones. On the main Manage screen, all of your organization's devices should be shown and includes some quick facts about the phone such as: Name, Model, MAC address, Last Provisioned date/time and associated extensions. Clicking on a device name will allow you to view the device settings.


The top of the page includes a photo of the device as well as the device model number and has the ability for you to update the device name.


This section allows you to change a few general settings of the phone such as Timezone, the default ringtone, etc.


This section allows you to change specific network parameters for your phone. You are able to change the type of network address assignment from DHCP to Static, as well as setting specific DNS entries for your phone.

WARNING: Nearly 100% of Intulse clients do not need to change anything in this area. Changing settings in this area incorrectly can render your phone inoperable and your phone may need to be factory reset.


In most cases, only 1 extension is assigned to a device. This section allows you to assign an extension to a device. You can assign an extension name, or add another extension to the phone by clicking the Add Extension button. However, in most cases, only 1 extension is assigned per device.


This section allows you to create, remove and rearrange your own buttons on your device! Each line is numbered in order of how the buttons will be displayed on the phone and each line is "Drag and drop". This means that rearranging buttons on your phone is simple! Simply click and drag the buttons to rearrange them however you choose.

In many cases, clients utilize only a few button types. The most popular types are:

  • BLF - Gives the ability to call another extension
  • Call Park - Parks a call (put the caller on a hold so others in your organization can pick up the call)
  • Speed Dial - Used for dialing common phone numbers
  • Prefix - Often used for prefixing a dial code for specific outbound calling reasons.

To create a new button, first select the button type. Then select the line (usually 1). Next, give the button a name. This is the name that will be displayed on your phone. In some cases, you will have to limit the length of the name so that it can properly fit on the phone screen. Finally, fill in the value of the button. For example, if you create a BLF button for another user named Alicia, at extension 100, you would choose the following Options:

Button Type: BLF
Line: 1
Description: Alicia
Value: 100


This section allows you to change a few general settings of the phone such as Timezone, the default ringtone, etc.