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By default most of the configured queues and conferences on your phone system will be visible in the Intulse App. Phone numbers and Fax numbers will not be visible by default.

If you plan to use a phone number for SMS Chat or for digital faxing in the Intulse App then it must be given a display name and marked as visible on this screen.


By default, all audio conferences and queue screens will be visible in the app. If you do not wish to show specific audio conferences or queues, simply uncheck the box for each one and click the Save button on the bottom right of the screen.


Each fax number and each voice number assigned to your organization can have the ability to show in the app.

For FAX numbers, if you wish to show a number in the app, give the number a name and then click the checkbox next to the number. Then press the Save button to save your changes. Additionally, the app can also notify one or more email addreses for both incoming and outgoing faxes. To enable this feature, click on the Emails button. From here, you can choose to be notified for incoming faxes as well as be notified of outgoing faxes as well. Enter the email addresses and click the OK button. When finished, be sure to press the Save button to save your changes.

For VOICE numbers, you also have the ability to enable SMS/texting for these numbers and have these numbers show in the Intulse App. To make a number visible for SMS/texting in the app provide a name for the number, and then click the check box next to the number. Be sure to press the Save button to save your changes. The number should now be visible in the Intulse App.