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Contacts are the people authorized to interact with Intulse regarding your account. Contacts are not the same as users. Contacts can use the management portal and email or call Intulse on behalf of your organization. Users are who can use the Intulse App.

There are various security roles that each contact can have, which will determine what they can do to your account. Those roles are as follows:

  • Contacts with the User security role are authorized to open support tickets.
  • Contacts with the Business security role are authorized to open support tickets and view/manage billing.
  • Contacts with the Admin security role can do anything including managing other contacts.


Creating a new contact is easy and takes just a few details. To create a new contact, click the Create button and fill in the required fields. When creating the contact, you must specify the Security Role to assign to the user. Click the save button when completed to save your entry.