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Intulse's NowCerts integration merges your phone with your agency management system). Any screen in the Intulse App that would normally display a simple phone number automatically searches the caller ID within NowCerts and returns any records that match.

When someone calls you instead of displaying the Caller ID you'll see the name of the individual as it appears in NowCerts and can click on the name to launch their account within NowCerts. You can quickly add call notes to a contact's activity and the note will automatically contain all the basic information about the call such as start time, duration, and if the if the call was recorded, a link to the recording. You will be able to start calls to NowCerts individuals directly from within the Intulse App by simply searching for a individual name on the My Phone screen.

To experience the integration between Intulse and NowCerts you will need to use the Intulse App.

If you would like to have the NowCerts integration enabled for your account please contact Intulse support and we would be happy to turn it on for you.


This guide assumes that you already have the Intulse App on your favorite device and that you are already logged in. If you need help getting into the App click here to learn more.

Only Admins in the Intulse app can update the settings for your NowCerts integration

  1. Click the More icon on the menu
  2. Click NowCerts in the More menu
  3. Enter your NowCerts Username and Password
  4. Choose if you wish to enable automatic call logging.
  5. Click the Save button to save your changes
    • After saving the Authentication Status will indicate if the connection between Intulse and NowCerts was able to be setup using the login information you provided.

For more information about NowCerts, check out their website!