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Intulse has built our "standard" integration for many contact management systems. You can find more information about how to configure your specific integration from the menu to the left. If you don't see the software you're interested in listed there, please contact Intulse Support. There is a good chance we've already built it and if not, we would be happy to have a conversation with you about the option of building the integration for you.


All of our "standard" integrations add similar functionality to the Intulse App. Some integrations offer even more. Here is a quick list of what you can expect from any of our standard integrations.

  • Search for contacts in your software from the My Phone screen to quickly start a call.
  • Any screen where you would see a phone number listed for any reason will automatically search for that number in your software. If a match is found, the contact information will be displayed instead of just a phone number. You can click on the information to see some basic / important details pulled from your software. You can also jump directly into your software to see the matched contact record there.
  • Incoming call notifications will show the contact information if the incoming call is from a phone number found in your software.
  • You can manually or automatically create call log records in your software for every call you make or receive.
  • Some integrations also support the ability to automatically log all text message conversations.


If you're interested in building your own integration, Intulse offers several APIs to control your communication system. You can start calls, monitor queues, send text messages, etc. For more information, check out some API documentation. If there is something specific you'd like to accomplish or you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Intulse Support or our partnership development team by calling 717.839.5000 or emailing