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We're so glad you're here! Let's go through Intulse Meetings together so you will know what you can expect from our video conferencing solution.

What is Intulse Meetings?

Intulse Meetings is a secure video communications platform that allows you to set up video and audio conferencing to use for direct calls, meetings, webinars, demonstrations, etc. This allows users to communicate and connect in new ways through the Intulse App.

Intulse Meetings requires an additional license for each user who will be able to create meetings through this platform. However, once a meeting is set up anyone who has been given access (either by admitting them through the lobby system or by providing them a password) can join the meeting.

Meetings can be started and configured using the Intulse App. For detailed information on creating/scheduling a meeting, pre-configuring meeting options, inviting participants and, and joining a meeting please see the Meetings section of the Intulse App walkthrough.

NOTE: Intulse Meetings is currently only accessible from fully featured operating systems (desktops/laptops) and not mobile operating systems.