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The Queue screen allows you to monitor and manage queue statisitics, queue callers and queue members. Initial queue setup must be completed by an intulse support member. Once a queue has been setup for you phone system it will display on this screen.


To review statistics for any given call queue. Click on one of your queues listed in the top left corner of the screen. The statistics of that queue will display in the chart to the right.

Max Callers

This is the maximum number of callers allowed to be waiting in this queue at one time. Additional callers will not enter the queue and instead will sent to the failover destination.

Call Strategy

The method in which the queue attempts to contact the assigned agents. Here are the available methods:

ringall: ring all available agents until one answers (default)
leastrecent: ring agent which was least recently called by this queue
fewestcalls: ring the agent with fewest completed calls from this queue
random: ring random agent
rrmemory: round robin with memory, remember where we left off last ring pass
linear: rings agents in the order specified, for dynamic agents in the order they logged in

Note: If you would like change the ring strategy of a queue, please contact our support team at

Estimated Wait

The system's best guess at how long a new caller will have to wait to speak to an agent. The guess is based on caller wait time since the last time this queue's stats were reset.

Avg. Talk Time

This is the average length of time that a caller speaks to an agent.

Calls Completed

This the total number of callers that entered the queue and were connected to agents.

Calls Lost

This the total number of callers that entered the queue but were never connected to an agent. They may have abandoned the queue or been removed from the queue in some way other then reaching an agent.

Service Level

This represents your goal maximum amount of time a caller should have to wait before being connected to an agent.


This is the percentage of callers that were connected to agents (not lost calls) in less than this queues configured Service Level.


This is the relative importance of this queue compared to other queues. Agents that service multiple queues will receive calls from queues with the highest weight first.


The agents section of the queue screen allows you log in and out and pause or unpause yourself from specific queues. If you are an Admin or if you have been given admin rights to a specific queue, you will be able to manage the agents that are in a queue, pause or unpause agents, or use the spy feature to monitor agent calls.

Agent Information

Agents currently listed in the agents section of the queue screen will also show additional information such as availability and statistics. You can expand each name for additional information.

Loggin in/Logging out

To log into a queue, navigate to the queue you wish to log into using the queue list in the top left of the screen and then press the Login button located in the agents sections of the queue screen.
Once you click on Login you will see your name added to the list of agents in that queue.

To log out of a queue, press the Logout button located next to your agent name.


The pause button allows you to temporarily stop your extension from receiving calls from the queue without removing yourself from the queue. To pause yourself from a queue, navigate to a queue that you are currently logged into find your extension in the agent list and press the Pause button. When paused your extension will be highlighted orange and your status will be updated to "Paused". Other users with access to the queue will also be able to see this status update.

To unpause, click the Unpause button and your status will then return to "Available"


If you are an Admin or if you have been given implicit admin rights to a queue, you will have the ability to "Spy" on any given agent in that queue. Spying allows you to listen in on a call from your own extension. To spy on an agent within a queue, click on the Spy button next to the agents name. The "Spy/Whisper/Barge window will appear informing you of the three spy modes available.

Once you have review this information click Continue. Your phone will begin ringing and when you answer you will then be listening in on the conversation. While spying you can press 4,5,6 on your phone to change the spy mode. All spy calls start in spy mode option 4.


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Logging in a user

If you are an admin or have been given implicit admin rights to a queue, you will have the ability to log other users into a queue. To do so, select the queue you want to log a user into, at hte bottom of the queue screen use the drop down list to select the user you want to log in and then click Login User. You will see their name added to the list of agents in that queue.

Logging out a user

If you previously logged in a user you will see a logout button next to their name in the agents section. Press Logout to log them out of the queue. Once pressed you should no longer see the user in the agents section of the queue.