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The contacts screen can be used as a lightweight contact management system. You can create your own contacts, and even mark them as public so that they can used by the rest of your team. Contacts created here will allow any screen in the Intulse App to show you caller names instead of just a phone number. If you're using the App on a mobile device, you will also have access to the contacts on your iOS or Android device.


To add a new contact click the Add Contact button at the top of the screen. To edit a contact click on the contact you wish to edit.

Adding a contact

  • You must enter a Full Name for a contact
  • Then you can enter any other information you wish such as phone numbers, email addresses, and notes.
  • You can start a call to any of the phone numbers that are added to a contact by clicking the Call button next to the phone number
  • You have the option to mark a contact as public which will allow other members of your team to see/search for this contact


Public contacts are contacts that are created by OTHER members of your team and marked as public.


You can export your contacts to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) files which can be opened in any spreadsheet editing software. This can be used to import the contacts you've created in the Intulse App into another App.


You can import contacts in the Intulse App from a CSV file exported from other applications such as Google Contacts or Outlook Contacts. The Intulse App will attempt to recognize where you've exported your contacts from and import them without needed any additional steps from you. However, if you wish to import contacts from a system we can't recognize the easiest way to do that is to first export your Intulse contacts (even if you don't have any), then open the exported CSV in the spreadsheet software of your choice, then convert exported file from your other system into the Intulse export format, and finally import the converted file back into the Intulse App.