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The voicemail screen can be used to manage your voicemail as well as other voicemail boxes that you've been granted permission to manage.

Voicemail screenshot

  • If you have been granted permission to manage more than once mailbox then you can change which mailbox your managing using the dropdown at the top left of the screen. (NOTE: If you do not see this drop down then you only have permission to manage your own mailbox)
  • You can control which mailbox folder you're viewing by clicking on the folders names on the screen menu (e.g. Inbox, Work, Urgent, etc.)


You can mange many of the settings for a mailbox by clickong on the "Settings" button on the screen menu
Voicemail screenshot

  • You can change many basic settings here such as your mailbox PIN and what email address we should send your messages to. For more information about each of those settings hover over the information icons in the app.
  • You can manage/record the various recordings used by the voicemail system.
    • The Unavailable recording is what callers will hear when you do not answer because you're away from your phone.
    • The Busy recording is what callers will hear when you are on another call or you reject a call.
    • The Name recording is used for things like a dial by name directory (optional).
    • The Temporary recording will replace the Unavailable recording if it exists. This is perfect for when you want to temporarily change your voicemail but not have to re-record your standard unavilable message when the need for the temporary change has passed.