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The Conferences screen will allow you to see all the audio bridges configured for your organization, change their options, and manage any participants currently in them. Audio bridges are initially setup by Intulse and once configured, will appear on this screen. If you would like to setup additional bridges please contact support by opening a ticket and we will be happy to do that for you.


To configure the options for an audio bridge navigate to the conferences screen and then select the audio bridge you would like to configure.

Once an audio bridge is selected there will be a list of options on the right hand side of the screen.


Leader Pin

If set callers will be asked for a PIN. Callers who enter this PIN will be considered Leaders. Set this option if you want to have a conference room leader that will have the ability to mute, kick and otherwise manage participants in the conference room.

User Pin

If set callers will be asked for a PIN. Set this option if you want the conference room to be private and require authorization to join.

Wait for Leader

Callers wait until someone joins with a Leader PIN. Requires a Leader PIN to be set. Toggle this option on if you do not want participants to be able to join a conference room until a leader joins the conference room

Quiet Mode

When enabled, enter/leave prompts and user introductions are not played. By default whenever a user joins or leaves the conference room and audible prompt is played in the conference room. Enable Quiet mode to remove these prompts

Announce User Count

When enabled, the number of users in the conference will be announced to the caller.

Announce Join/Leave

If enabled, all users will be asked to say their name before they join the conference, and their name will then be announced when they join the conference.

Music on Hold

Enable Music On Hold when the conference has a single caller.

Mute on Join

When enabled, mute everyone when they initially join the conference. This should only be enabled when "Wait for Leader" is also enabled.

Max Participants

The maximum number of participants allowed to join this conference. Enter "0" for unlimited.

Save options

Once you have adjusted any of the options above you must press Save options to apply the changes to the conference room.


When users have joined an audio bridge they will display in the participants section of the audio bridge screen. If you have the correct permissions additional actions will be become available for each participant. Each user will display their name, extension if available and total elapsed time the user has been in the audio bridge.

Kick All

Kicks all participants from an audio bridge including leaders.

Kick Users

Kick all participants (non-leaders) from the audio bridge.

User Kick

Each participant will have a Kick button. Pressing this button will remove the participant from the audio bridge.

User Mute

Each participant will have a Mute button. Pressing this button will mute the participant and the will not be able to speak in the audio bridge. When muted a red mute Icon will appear under their participant name and the Mute button will update to Unmute. Pressing Unmute will allow the participant to speak again and the red mute icon will be removed.


The Transfer button will allow you to transfer a participant to another Extension, Number, Audio Bridge, Queue or Park. Once pressed the transfer screen will appear, select a destination and the participant will then be transferred.