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Text Messaging Fees

As of June 2023 Intulse has decided to pause passing these fees through to our clients and instead we are paying them on their behalf. This may change in the future but for the indefinite future our clients will not be paying these fees.

Beginning June 1, 2022 Intulse will be passing on the per-message surcharge mobile carriers bill to Intulse for 10DLC.

Intulse does not add any charges for incoming or outgoing messages sent through our app, that feature is included in your per extension charges. For messages sent using our API or integrations that use our API we charge $0.0075 for SMS messages and $0.02 for MMS messages.

What is 10DLC? Well, that's a big question with a long answer but the short version is that 10DLC is a massive, industry wide, effort to reduce text message spam. For more information see our article on 10DLC Business Messaging.

You will see these surcharges invoiced once a month for all applicable text messages sent/received in the previous month.