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Intulse Meetings Released

Intulse has released our new advanced collaboration software and we're giving it to all of our current clients for FREE for 3 months! You can open the Intulse App and starting using it right now. There is nothing to install for you or other participants, you only need your browser!

The Intulse Meetings software uses high quality video and audio that automatically scales down to match each participants available bandwidth. You can share your whole desktop, a single window or even a single tab of your browser with other participants or ask them to share theirs with you. Speaking of "others" you can scale your meetings from a 1:1 direct call with another Intulse user or external participant up to large group calls for team meetings or client demonstrations.

You do not lose your FREE trial by purchasing licenses now. In fact, if you add licenses to your account during your FREE trial you will not be billed until after your trial ends AND you will receive a credit for up to 60% of your license costs for your first month after your trial ends.

After your trial ends licenses cost $10 per month.

To find out more about how to get started using Intulse Meetings, hop over to our product walkthrough.

To add Intulse Meeting licenses to your account please visit the Intulse Account Center and navigate to Users > Licenses.