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Queues are another way calls can be directed through your phone system

No one enjoys waiting in line. Call queues route callers to less busy agents and allow you to monitor call center statistics to ensure more efficient response times.

How to decide if Queues are right for your organization

Queues and ring groups both send calls to multiple phones for the purpose of connecting a caller with an agent as quickly as possible. Queues, however, are more sophisticated and provide a few additional benefits. Agents are able to log in or out of a queue, controlling whether or not they are available to answer calls. More advanced settings determine how calls enter a queue, giving you the option to prevent callers from joining a queue if no agents are available. Queues also provide reports and live statistics about how calls are answered.

More Queue Features

Queues use pre-determined criteria to direct inbound calls, reducing the percentage of callers who wait on hold when calling your organization. Assign priority levels to agents who will be answering the phone to determine which agents are prioritized to receive calls most frequently. Set a time frame to give your agents the chance to wrap up any call related details before receiving their next call. Create an announcement to play intermittently while callers are waiting for their call to be answered.

How to get Queues added to your phone system

While you have the ability to manage any queues that have been set up for your organization, the creation of new queues must be completed by the Intulse support team. Create a support ticket or call us at 717-839-5000 or toll free at 844.4INTULSE (844-446-8857) to learn more about the cost and creation of queues.

For more information about queues, visit the Manage Queues page on our Support Website.

As always, we here at Intulse are so appreciative of our partnership with your organization and the opportunity to serve you. If you would like queues set up for your organization or need any help managing your queues, please feel free to contact us via a support ticket, or give us a call. We are happy to help you any way we can!