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Five things YOU can do to manage your phone system in the Account Center

You are able to manage many aspects of your phone system independently, without needing to wait for an Intulse support team member to make changes for you!

1. Manage billing and update payment methods for your organization.

The Billing section of the Account Center allows you to view both your billing history and future billing. The History tab shows all previous invoices and payments, as well as your current account balance. The Future tab is a live accounting of all monthly and one-time charges and will update as system changes are applied and any new charges are added to your account. The Payment Method tab allows you to add or update existing payment methods. There are additional tabs that allow you to view any carrier fees related to text messages or international calls.

2. Create, manage, and monitor extensions for your organization.

The Extensions section of the Account Center allows you to update your existing extensions, or to create new ones. The Manage tab displays all existing extensions. Select an extension number to update the related contact information. If an employee leaves, you are able to update the contact information, and reassign the extension to a new employee. You are also able to delete an extension that is no longer needed. Select the Create tab when a new extension is needed. When creating extensions, remember that your organization is charged per extension, except those assigned to common areas such as a break room, copy room, or conference room. Accurately labeling each extension will allow Intulse to bill accordingly. The Monitor tab allows you to see the status of each extension, as well as whether it is billable, and any devices that have been assigned to it.

3. Manage all of your organization's devices in one place, and order new devices.

The Devices section of the Account Center allows you to manage the phone assigned to each extension, as well as order and add new devices. Click on the Manage tab, and then select a device to update settings such as ring tones, BLF buttons, and any assigned sidecars. The Create tab allows you to select a template and add a new device for an extension. The Orders tab allows you to create a new order or view any existing orders for devices on your account.

4. Update any parts of your organization's call flow.

You have the ability to fully manage your call flow in the Account Center. A separate tab can be found for each part of the call flow, and from there you are able to manage, update, or create each feature. You can set up your own ring groups, voice menus, announcements, and time controls to communicate with your callers and direct their calls in whatever way you choose. You are also able to create features such as redirects and flow controls, which allow you to amend your regularly scheduled call flow.

5. Update the calendars for your organization's open hours, holidays, and special events.

Each phone system comes equipped with three standard calendars: holidays, open hours, and special closures. The purpose of these calendars is to inform the phone system whether an organization is open or closed. Once the calendars have been populated with events specific to an organization, they can be linked to time controls, which will direct incoming calls accordingly. For example, when an organization's hours of operation have been added to the "Open Hours" calendar, that calendar can be linked to a time control set to send calls to a ring group when the organization is open, and to a voicemail box when it is closed. The Holidays and Special Closure article will provide more information about how to set up your phone system for days when your organization is closed.

For more information on any of these tools, visit the Account Center Walkthrough on our Support Website and click on the related tabs.

As always, we here at Intulse are so appreciative of our partnership with your organization and the opportunity to serve you. If you have any questions or need any Account Center support, please feel free to contact us via a support ticket, or give us a call. We are happy to help you any way we can!