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With the proliferation of VoIP as a low-cost, feature-rich option for phone systems and service, more and more businesses and individuals are moving from traditional POTS lines to VoIP systems. There are many advantages to doing so.

However, using VoIP systems for security systems, fire alarm systems, elevator emergency phone systems, and medical monitoring equipment is not always the wisest choice. Reasons for this include:

  1. VoIP service is dependent on power to a router/modem for connection to the Internet. If power fails, VoIP service will also fail. A POTS line, on the other hand, will work without external power. This CAN be overcome with power backups for all the devices in path to the internet.
  2. VoIP uses voice compression to reduce the amount of bandwidth used for phone service. This can distort the signals relied upon by some automated emergency services.

Intulse's policy is that customers use traditional POTS lines for security systems, fire alarm systems, elevator emergency systems, medical monitoring equipment, and similar automated systems.

As provided in Intulse's service agreement, which are available at, Intulse is not liable for any inability to use Intulse's Services that is caused by a third party.