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Uninstalling the Intulse Plugin for RockRMS

At the time of writing of this article Rock does not provide a way for plugin developers to create an "uninstall" script or any automated way of removing a plugin after you have installed it. So, you must follow the steps below in order to undo everything the Intulse plugin did after you installed it.

As always, when making major changes to an important system please perform and verify a complete backup of your RockRMS files and database.

Decide what type of uninstall you wish to do

  1. The easiest way to "uninstall" the Intulse Rock Plugin is to just remove the block from your pages (this is the block you added while following the install process) and delete the scheduled job.
  2. The advanced and full uninstall includes cleaning up the database. This is best done by your organization's IT professional that handles your Rock instance.

Advanced Uninstall

WARNING: Running direct database commands is inherently dangerous. If you don't copy the commands in their entirety you risk irreversibly corrupting your database. Intulse is not responsible for any loss or corruption of data that occurs. We suggest doing the following during off-hours:

  1. Remove the "Intulse Communication Block" from any pages you have added it to (Person and Business)
  2. Remove the Job you created for your Intulse records (Admin Tools > System Settings > Jobs Administration). The Job Type will be "Rock.Jobs.PbxCdrDownload" and the Pbx Component will be "Intulse Phone System."
  3. In the "Bin" directory of your installation, delete the file "com.intulse.IntulseInteractionComponent.dll"
  4. In the "Plugins" directory of your installion, delete the folder "com_intulse"
  5. In the "App_Data" directory of your installation, edit the "InstalledStorePackages.json" file. Remove the package that has a PackageName of "Intulse Phone System." Make sure you also delete the surrounding curly braces, as well as the trailing comma (after the closing curly brace) if it exists.
  6. In the "AppData\RockShop" directory of your installation, delete the "Intulse Phone System" folder (it will have a numerical id in the name as well).
  7. Run the following SQL script. You can do this in your own database manager or in Admin Tools > Power Tools > SQL Command, setting "Selection Query" to no. WARNING: If you do not copy the script exactly and run the wrong commands, you could irreversibly damage/corrupt your Rock database! This could take a few minutes to run.
    DECLARE @intulseEntityTypeId INT = (SELECT TOP 1 Id FROM EntityType WHERE Name = 'com.intulse.PbxComponent.IntulsePbxComponent');
    DELETE FROM Attribute WHERE EntityTypeId = @intulseEntityTypeId;
    DELETE FROM EntityType WHERE Id = @intulseEntityTypeId;
    DECLARE @intulseNumberTypeValueId INT = (SELECT TOP 1 Id FROM DefinedValue WHERE Guid = 'E9650AF2-67AD-48A5-8DBD-7B71CF8BA333');
    DELETE FROM PhoneNumber WHERE NumberTypeValueId = @intulseNumberTypeValueId;
    DELETE FROM DefinedValue WHERE Id = @intulseNumberTypeValueId;
    DECLARE @intulseBlockTypeId INT = (SELECT TOP 1 Id FROM BlockType WHERE Guid = '2C8DA231-A521-43BF-A2DB-562D38B44F45');
    DELETE FROM Block WHERE BlockTypeId = @intulseBlockTypeId;
    DELETE FROM BlockType WHERE Id = @intulseBlockTypeId;
    DELETE FROM PluginMigration WHERE PluginAssemblyName = 'com.intulse.IntulseInteractionComponent';
    DROP TABLE _com_intulse_PbxComponent_CommunicationNotes;
    DROP TABLE _com_intulse_PbxComponent_SmsMessages;
    DROP TABLE _com_intulse_PbxComponent_ConnectedExtensions;
    DROP TABLE _com_intulse_PbxComponent_CallDetailRecords;

If you encounter any errors while following this process please contact us.