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Solid documentation verifying active service on your porting telephone numbers can assist in resolving many issues that arise when attempting to port phone numbers from a losing carrier. When invalid documentation is provided, Intulse often has to request customer assistance to provide usable documentation.

NOTE: If you are porting multiple telephone numbers, they should all be listed on the documentation under one account; if the telephone numbers are on multiple accounts, then separate port orders should be created for each account.

The cornerstone of proof of active service is a legible Copy of Bill (CoB). This is usually an invoice from the current service provider showing:

  • the submitted statement is dated within the past 30 calendar days
  • the porting telephone numbers
  • the billing telephone number

NOTE: The billing telephone number is often different from the number being ported and may not even be a number on this account. For example, it could be a cell phone number.

  • the carrier logo or name
  • the current provider account number
  • your company’s name
  • the authorized contact’s name
  • the service address

A bill copy is an essential component of porting and should be uploaded. In cases where the bill copy does not list the porting telephone numbers, additional documentation is recommended to supplement proof of ownership. Types of documentation can include:

A customer service record (CSR) from the current service provider listing the porting telephone numbers and the address on file.

NOTE: Toll-free numbers do not have CSRs.

  • An email from a representative of the current service provider dated within the past 30 days listing the porting numbers
  • A screenshot of your provider’s account portal showing the porting numbers; this should include enough information to link it to a bill copy, such as the account number and the provider’s logo.

NOTE: All provided documents must be in a PDF format.