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There are 3 primary ways to utilize your Intulse business VoIP phone service from your home office. In summary, and then in detail below they are: Using your physical phone at home, using the Intulse App & Virtual Phone inside of a Chrome browser on your laptop/desktop with a headset, or using the Intulse App & Virtual Phone on your iPhone device.

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FAQs About Remote Phone Systems

  • Can I take my desk phone home and use it for remote work? – Yes
  • What cables do I need? – Power cable, and an Ethernet (data) cable that is currently plugged into your phone.
  • My phone is plugged in, but I cannot make or receive calls. – 2 main reasons why this may be the case.
  • Reason 1: Please make sure you have your Ethernet cable plugged into the LAN port or Internet port on your phone. ( see diagrams below ) Some model phones label the ports differently.
  • Reason 2: The phone system, for security reasons, has blocked your home network from accessing the phone system. Please use a web browser to search for what is my ip. On this site, you should see an IPv4 address listed. Once you have the IPv4 address, please send an email to We will work as quickly as possible to get you setup.

Using Your Physical Desk Phone

Your first step will be to be sure you take all necessary cables from your office to your home office. These would include a network cable, as well as a power cord. In some businesses they employ POE ( power over Ethernet ) switches and in that case you might not have a power cord to take home. In this case you will need to contact your employer, or us, to get one. The phone will not work without it. Below are images of the back of two of our most popular phones which will help you in making sure to connect your cables correctly.

The back of your Yealink or Grandstream phone

Other things to be aware of regarding using your desk phone at home.

Home networks are very different from the networks you are accustomed to working on at your business. Home networks are often not optimized for real-time voice communications. Because of this, you may run into some situations where your phone might not act properly. Examples of this can be you can receive phone calls, but not make certain outbound calls. Or, your phone buttons might not light up properly as they do at your business. If this is the case, we will do our best to try and assist as much as possible with your home network. Please contact us at and we will get back to you as quickly as we are able.

Using the Intulse App & Virtual Phone in Chrome Browser

Below is a demo/overview video of how to use the Virtual Phone that you will hopefully find helpful in understanding how easy it can be to make and receive calls utilizing you laptop or desktop. It is highly recommended that you either plug in a headset or earbuds (with a mic) to your device prior to utilizing the Virtual Phone.

6 Minute Video of Virtual Phone in Chrome Browser

Using the Intulse App & Virtual Phone in an iPhone Device

While the Android version of the Virtual Phone is still in beta, and hopefully soon ready for release, the iPhone version is ready to go and use assuming your organization has had the virtual phone turned on for it’s users. The video below will hopefully be helpful in understanding how to turn it on, as well as make and receive calls.

5 Minute Video of the Intulse App & Virtual Phone in an iPhone Device

Please contact our support team for additional assistance AFTER you have reviewed the above provided information. or call (717) 839-5000 option 2