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Your number transfer request has been rejected by your current telecom provider. We recognize the inconvenience this may cause you, and are committed to facilitating your move to Intulse in as smooth a manner as possible. Please read the below for some additional information on the rejection, as well as some recommended steps to drive prompt resolution.

There are a number of reasons that this happens; however, the most common are some type of “information mismatch”, where the information you provided to us does not match the information in your current telecom provider’s systems:

  1. Incorrect Billing Telephone Number (the primary number on your current account, often the first part of your account number)
  2. Incorrect Address
  3. Incorrect Company
  4. Unauthorized person signing the paperwork (e.g. someone who is not an Admin on your current telecom account)

There are many other reasons why a number is rejected, but these are the most frequent.

To resolve these issues, Intulse needs to obtain, from you, the following information. You will need to reach out to your current telecom provider and request that they provide:

  1. A copy of your phone bill dated within the last 30 days showing the numbers that need to be transferred.
  2. A Customer Service Record. This document shows each phone number, the Billing Telephone Number and the company name and address associated with that number.

With this information, Intulse can dispute the rejection and generally we are able to receive a relatively prompt transfer date.


There are other times when the above practices don’t work—in particular, your current provider might give you significant pushback on obtaining the items above. In these cases, you will need to escalate with your current provider. Below are listed some best practices for doing this:

  1. When on the phone with your current provider, state your intention to transfer numbers away and ask to speak with an escalation department or manager.
    1. The carrier may say “your new provider should be able to get all that”—that is not true, and it is the losing carrier’s obligation to provide the appropriate information at your request.
    2. Intulse has provided a template (see below) for sending a formal request to your provider. It is recommended that you send this on company letterhead.
  2. If you still receive no response, file a complaint with the FCC. This can be done multiple times and as often as needed.
    1. Please note that in the second section, question 2, you MUST list your current provider (e.g. not Intulse) in order for the FCC to deliver the complaint to the appropriate party for resolution.

Intulse will do all we can, on your behalf, to transfer your numbers; however, following the steps above will greatly accelerate timelines for the actual transfer.



<<Current Provider Name>>
ATTN: Local Number Transfer Department
<<Current Provider Address>>
<<Current Provider City, State, ZIP>>

RE: Transferring numbers for <<Company Name>>

To Whom It May Concern: <<Company Name>> has requested that the following numbers be transferred from <<Current Provider Name>> to Intulse, Ltd.

<<List numbers here>>

This request was submitted originally on <<Submission Date>>. Since that time we have requested that these numbers be released and we are still waiting for these numbers to transfer.

<<Company Name>> has (or will be) filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

Please pay prompt attention to this matter.

<<Your Name>>