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International Calling Fees

Intulse's per extension fee includes unlimited* calling to all 50 states in the USA and all of Canada. Outbound calls to phone numbers outside the USA or Canada will incur a per-minute surcharge based on the destination number.

For a complete list of current international rates, please login to the Account Center, expand the Billing section, and click on Rates & Fees.

You will see these surcharges invoiced once a month on the 10th for all international calls started in the previous month. This coincides with when we bill for other monthly surcharges.

If this invoice leaves your account with an outstanding balance which is less than $5 we will not automatically charge your payment method. Instead, the payment for your regular monthly invoice will include this invoice as well.

* Intulse's “unlimited minutes” are not intended for a call center, resale, or LCR and are subject to the "Reasonable Use Policy" defined in our PSA.