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E911 Fees

Intulse already charges a monthly fee for every phone number you have. This fee already covers a myriad of regulatory fees and other costs incurred by Intulse to keep your number operational. Beginning June 1, 2022 Intulse will be passing on an additional $2 surcharge for all phone numbers with E911 enabled on them. We are doing this to cover new costs incurred as a result of Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act. You can read more about these laws on the FCC’s website at

We have elected not to bundle this new fee into our existing base “per number” fee because not all numbers need E911 and we didn’t want our clients to have to pay this fee for all their phone numbers.

You will see these surcharges invoiced once a month on the 10th for all phone numbers which have E911 enabled. This coincides with when we bill for other monthly surcharges.

If this invoice leaves your account with an outstanding balance which is less than $5 we will not automatically charge your payment method. Instead, the payment for your regular monthly invoice will include this invoice as well.