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The Intulse Support Site provides written and video content for our Intulse tools.

Use the link to find answers to your questions about the Intulse phone system.

Access the Intulse Support Site

The Intulse Support Site provides detailed resources to help you successfully navigate many aspects of our phone system. This site is continually expanding to provide more resources for our users. Our desire is to fully equip you to manage your own phone system without needing to rely solely on a response from our support team.

If you are new to Intulse and just beginning the onboarding process, you will find a detailed onboarding guide, along with a companion video, that walks you through the process of setting up your phone system.

If your phone system is up and running and you need to know how to adjust anything, from phone lines and billing to voice menus and flow controls, you can find detailed instructions and screen shots on the support site. We are continually updating this site with new content as features are updated and added to the Intulse system.


Users of the Intulse App will find a detailed walkthrough, along with a video playlist covering many features of the app. This section of the site also includes information for those who use our Meetings solution or any of our Integrations. There are detailed videos for some of our more popular integrations, as well as a more generic overview video showing how our phone system works with most common integrations.

The final section of our Support Site provides details related to the various phones and headsets that we officially support. For each phone, you can find various user guides or manufacturing information.

As always, we here at Intulse are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with your organization. If you have any questions or need support related to any of our services, please feel free to contact us via a support ticket, or give us a call. We are happy to serve you any way we can.