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As most insurance agents involved with Medicare will know that CMS recently made a new rule requiring most calls related to Medicare to be recorded and saved for 10 years. This has caused much panic and frustration for lots of agents.

If you're an Intulse client there is good news, meeting this requirement is quite easy. Call recording is a feature you already have access to and it doesn't cost you anything. You can choose to start/stop recording any call you're actively on from the My Phone screen in the Intulse App. Or, you can contact our support team to have automatic call recording turned on for all incoming and/or outgoing calls.

Intulse offers infinite call recording storage so your call recordings will be stored forever!

In addition, if you're using one of our integrations which support it (such as our AgencyBloc integration) your call recordings are also stored in your management software on the individual records of the person you were talking to.

If you're not an Intulse client and you're looking for a simple, cost-effective solution you need to consider Intulse!

Here is a link to the new Medicare Marketing Guidelines for reference: