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Call Recording Storage Fees

Intulse clients have the ability to record calls automatically or on demand and we do not charge for this feature. However, we do charge for the storage of the recordings.

Call recordings are approximately 1 MB per minute of recording. You can use this to anticipate your approximate storage needs and resulting fees. For example, if your organization were to spend 1 hour of time on recorded calls per business day in a month it would increase your bill by $0.12.

Beginning June 2022, Intulse will be charging $0.10 per GB of storage used.

You will see these surcharges invoiced once a month on the 10th for the amount of storage in use the previous month. This coincides with when we bill for other monthly surcharges.

If this invoice leaves your account with an outstanding balance which is less than $5 we will not automatically charge your payment method. Instead, the payment for your regular monthly invoice will include this invoice as well.