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Once you’re into the app you will need to authenticate using your email address. This will only need to be done once.

Step 1

Enter your email address that was provided to Intulse during the onboarding process for your extension/user. This is usually your work email. Click the "Next" button.

Enter email address screenshot

If the email address you enter IS NOT found, the app will tell you that. Please ask your system administrator what email address was provided for your extension/user.

If the email address you enter IS found, the app system will send you an email to verify your access to that email address. Switch to your email app and find the confirmation code email. Select the code in the email (be careful not to include any extra spaces at the beginning or end of the code) and COPY the code.

Step 2

Enter the confirmation code that was sent to the email address you entered in step 1. Click the "Go" button.

Enter confirmation code screenshot

If the app tells you the confirmation code is incorrect it is probably because you typed it manually instead of COPYING and PASTING it. Double check the code is correct and if you did copy it make sure you didn’t accidentally include any extra spaces at the beginning or end of the code.

After authenticating you will be placed on the welcome screen. You can check out what has changed recently in the app by checking out the change log.