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API Keys are used by programmers or 3rd party applications to interact with the Intulse system. If you're looking to build an integration with Intulse you can review our API documentation for more information.

Intulse App API Access

Admins of the Intulse App can see the Organization API Key. This master key gives access to your entire organization and is not easily revoked so only use it when absolutely necesary or specifically instructed to do so by the Intulse support team.

Every user has the ability to create API keys which they can use when connecting other applications to the Intulse system or building one themselves.

To create a new API Key, enter a description for key (something that will help you identify how this key is going to be used) and click the Create button.

These keys can easily be revoked at any time by clicking the Delete button next to the key you would like to revoke.